How Our School Came About



As a more hands-on learner himself, Dominic Chambrone built the Shoe Surgeon Shoe School to inspire people to express their creativity, empower them to pursue their passions and bring people together to learn the same skills that helped him get to where he is today.



Our goal at the Shoe Surgeon Shoe School is to give people an outlet to authentically express themselves. Through creative self-expression, we hope to inspire people to pursue their passions — whatever they may be.


Our curriculum is designed to empower attendees to channel their focus on their craft - a skill they can use in all avenues of life. Our technique of shoe deconstruction and reconstruction equips students with the skills to bring their own shoe design concepts to life.


The Shoe Surgeon Shoe School brings people together from all backgrounds - creating a sense of community that overlooks people’s differences, and gathers them together to share in the art and technique of craftsmanship.